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From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 00:08:25: The new SJM MV just reminded me of how I love Kyuhyun's voice. ♥
  • 00:12:32: @armchairs Ahihi. :"> I think I love SJM more than SJ nga mismo eh. D: Naexcite ata ako masyado. :)) Oh, Kyu, such a perfect sexy beast. ♥
  • 00:22:06: @armchairs :)) But you know, I think it was because of the eyeliner kaya ko nasabi na he looked gay. :)) remember?
  • 00:22:52: Wow. I have nothing else to do. I can't sleep. :(
  • 23:33:51: Came home. Slept. I just woke up and it's close to midnight. :))

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