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From Twitter 02-27-2011

  • 01:03:59: Feel worse right now. :( I know I should be sleeping but. I can't, slept way too much today. D:
  • 02:07:28: @aikawaringo I'm half-Filipina and currently living in the Philippines! :))
  • 02:13:59: @aikawaringo Oh no, I'm not fluent in Japanese! I'm not even learning it atm. :)) I'm half-Chinese and not even fluent in Chinese either. :D
  • 02:36:38: @aikawaringo Haha. Keikimi or Huey Tsai? Keikimi is actually the Jap. reading of my Chinese name. My Chinese & English name is Huey Tsai.
  • 02:37:47: @aikawaringo Why're you learning Tagalog? :D
  • 02:47:44: @aikawaringo Oh, that's cool. Oh hey, it's like 3 am here. Need to sleep, and, I'm sick. D: Goodnight! Have fun learning. :D
  • 02:48:07: @tantrixie HI IVY. HI TRIXIE. Good night. Masakit na ulo ko. :))

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